Commercial Landscaping

commercial landscape services

Budget Landscape & Maintenance, Inc. provides professional landscape and maintenance services for small and medium sized commercial properties in and around Sonoma County.

We handle a variety of jobs on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Contracts for our services are customized to your needs, with competitive pricing and superior customer service.

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Lawn Care

  • Mowing:
    • April – September– weekly
    • October – March– two times per month
  • Edging:
    • Done with every second mowing
  • Lawn Fertilizer:
    • Applied five times per year
  • Lawn Weed control:
    • Quarterly spot weed treatments
    • Additional treatments as needed
  • We are licensed to apply fertilizer and use weed control materials. Qualified applicators license #123200

Additional Notes: Lawns can be mulched to add natural nutrients to the soil and reduce waste. Lawns can be cut twice, blown or bagged if needed to provide a neat and professional appearance.

commercial lawn care

Plant, Shrub, and Bed Care

  • Cutting back plants along walkways
  • Pruning shrubs and hedges in space restricted areas.
  • Cutting ivy away from plants
  • Removing leaves and debris thoroughly
  • Mending flower beds
  • Trimming plants and shrubs at regular intervals with consideration for natural bloom cycles plant health and location

Note: areas with high year round leaf volume will be cleaned more frequently (i.e. near magnolia trees).

plant shrub bed care and pruning services

Additional Services

Each week the walkways will be blown clean of leaves for safety and appearance.

Low branches will be cut back along walkways and parking areas. Fall Leaf Season will have weekly cleaning and removal of leaves on the entire property.

Weed Control:
Weed control will be done on a regular basis to allow for a minimum use of chemicals.

The irrigation timer will be adjusted regularly to minimize water use and provide a healthy landscape.

Quarterly inspection will be made with a report given on the condition of the irrigation systems.

Note: All sprinkler repair and improvements will be done on a fixed price basis, including labor and materials agreed upon by both parties before any work begins.

walkway cleaning leaf blower services